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Broken Hill - often referred to, this appears to be the closest larger town, which exists in real life and is home to a real RFDS base.

the Bush - the wilderness, though not quite as remote as the Outback.
chook - chicken, hen.
clinic - when the docs are out visiting a farm, people nearby can come there to see the doctor in person.
clinic run - normally a few clinics are visited over the course of a day or a couple of days, depending on how many patients there are to see and how remote the area is.
cold one - a cold beer.
homestead - a smallholding farm with a farmer's residence.
mate - friend, pal.
Outback - the remote Australian wilderness.
RFDS - The Royal Flying Doctor Service, a real, non-profit organisation providing air ambulance service to people in remote parts of Australia.
sheila - woman.
shot through - leaving someone or somewhere.
station - a large landholding used for livestock production.
strip - an airstrip, small airfield.
ute - pick-up truck.

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