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(1.09) Rally to the Cause

1.09 Rally to the Cause by Peter Herbert

Summary: The London to Sydney rally comes to town. The Australian car is first, but has an accident which puts the French car in the lead and moves the New Zealand car into third. The New Zealand car is driven by a woman who Gibbo takes a shine to. The French driver makes soufflé for Chris and Tom realises he's jealous. Kate tries to tell Tom she fanicies him, but he completely misses it, as he's too wrapped up in being jealous of the French guy. Someone sabotages the New Zealand car and Chris and Tom finally kiss - for real, this time. Hurtle's niece Emma shows up in town ...

Recurring characters: Chris, Violet, Sharon, Jack, Vic and Nance, Tom, Hurtle, Gibbo, Kate.
New characters: Emma Plimpton.

Spontaneous reaction, aside from "she doesn't sound particularly Kiwi to me", is that the New Zealand driver is played by Nikki Coghill, who would return to the show a few years later as nurse Jackie Crane. Nice to see another capable woman doing what most people in Coopers Crossing would consider to be a man's job.

It's also funny to see Tom being very grumpy because he's bothered about the French man courting Chris. Fortunately for him, nothing happens between the two, and it's nice to finally see Chris and Tom kiss for real. The kiss in front of the whole town when they won Best Dress at the fancy dress party (1.08) wasn't really "for real" in the same way.

Kate trying to tell Tom that Chris isn't the only woman in town who might find him a catch ... oh, I felt so sorry for her. She wore her heart on her sleeve, but he had no idea what she was talking about and didn't catch on. It's nice for Chris that he's so interested in her, but poor Kate!

This is an episode about culture clashes. The outside world comes to town, and it's very different from what they're used to. There are even people from Sweden and Germany there, and Kate has never seen one of those before!

Gibbo and his one-night-stand make a cute couple. Both are into their mechanics and have similar views on life, or at least that's the feeling I get. Just a shame that she'll be gone in the morning ...

As far as injuries go, there doesn't seem to be a heavy focus on that in this episode - it's more about character development. Sure, the Australian driver injurs his leg in the accident and it's not certain he'll be able to finish the race, but that's about it.

Because of the heroic effort of Gibbo and the guys at the garage, the sabotaged New Zealand car gets to finish - and win - the race.

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