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(1.14) Departures

1.14 Departures by Graham Hartley

Summary: A drunk man wakes up angry and goes berserk in a bar. Jack and Tom are fetched to see to him. It appears the man has some kind of bi-annual drinking binges. His wife is fed up and wants to live him, and his station manager has stolen 15 unbranded calves from Baxter, and now Baxter wants them back. Meanwhile in Coopers Crossing, Sharon has been accepted to do a two-year training course in Sydney, which will allow her to become a social worker. While everyone's happy for her sake, Gibbo, Vic and Nance have difficulties trying to let her go. Gibbo because the two are such good friends, and the Buckleys have always treated her as their own daughter. Sharon argues with Gibbo about going, but they make up in the end. Sharon visits the mission to see her family and ask her grandmother's advice. The episode ends with Sharon and the fed up wife on the bus heading out of town.

(1.13) A Choice of Enemies

1.13 A Choice of Enemies by Judy Colquhoun

Summary: Adrian Bailey, the hippie-type son of successful (read: rich) businessman Rex Bailey, is travelling the Outback on a bicycle. He eats some red berries, and lands himself in hospital, from which he soon checks himself out and heads off again, despite being urged not to. A journalist (a friend of Chris's) is in the area, interviewing George Baxter, a couple of sheep station owners and the doctors. The farmers are on the verge of needing to sell up because of the economic climate. Adrian falls down a slope, and because his battery wasn't charged up whilst in town (it was nearly flat to begin with), his call isn't picked up. When he's found, Tom has to decide whether to save the reckless rich boy or a 7-year-old boy with severe burns. Tom saves the boy and Adrian dies. The journalist writes a negatively slanted article, prompting an angry Rex Bailey to show up. Sharon tells him she would have done the same, because Adrian chose to be where he was, and he had been warned not to go out there. Bailey relents.

(1.12) E.T. - New Girl in Town

1.12 E.T. - New Girl in Town by Vincent Gil

Summary: Tom and Gibbo are out in the plane when they're struck with bad weather and have to make an emergency landing. They land in a place where there's no homestead, according to the maps, but there is a shack occupied by a hostile man, Brian, and a sick, old woman on her deathbed. The old woman asks Tom to take her granddaughter Amanda back with them. The man says the woman has been making things up for weeks. Tom and Gibbo end up having to spend the night because of bad weather. As it turns out, Amanda is a young teenager. They get her back to the Crossing (being chased by the man wielding an axe all the way to the plane), but it's difficult for her to fit in, having lived so remote and sheltered all her life. Then Brian shows up in town, with a shotgun, and ends up killing himself when Amanda doesn't want to go back with him.

(1.11) Do You Read Me

1.11 Do You Read Me by Galia Hardy

Summary: We meet Mrs Cook, a School of the Air teacher, and her teenage daughter Margie. Margie is dating Max and asks Chris to get the pill, and Chris prescribes it without hesitation. When Margie goes to get the prescription fulfilled, she's overheard by Violet, and soon half the town knows about the girl and her supposedly immoral behaviour. Meanwhile, Mrs Cook is courted by George, who decides to help - and is told to back off. There's also a winch bursting, dropping some heavy pipes on a drill worker, and Kate, Tom, Gibbo and Max (who was helping out) have to clear a path for the plane to land. Margie then suspects she's pregnant and she and Max try to run away to get it checked out by a doctor somewhere else but get into a car crash, and Margie loses the baby.

(1.10) Talk of the Town

1.10 Talk of the Town by Mary Dagmar Davies

Summary: Tom and Chris, trying to spend some time alone together now that they've decided to try being a couple, struggle to find privacy - even when swimming at Evans' Dam. Tom is invited to speak at a conference in New York City, but decides not to go when he finds out the invitation was orchestrated by Liz (Series 0). Violet is diagnosed with diabetes, but doesn't want to accept it. She's forced to eventually change her mind. Emma tries to sort out the garage's finances by asking people for the money they owe. A bruised Ron returns from Sydney, only to find that Hurtle is leaving to go working at the oil fields and is leaving Emma in charge of the garage.

(1.09) Rally to the Cause

1.09 Rally to the Cause by Peter Herbert

Summary: The London to Sydney rally comes to town. The Australian car is first, but has an accident which puts the French car in the lead and moves the New Zealand car into third. The New Zealand car is driven by a woman who Gibbo takes a shine to. The French driver makes soufflé for Chris and Tom realises he's jealous. Kate tries to tell Tom she fanicies him, but he completely misses it, as he's too wrapped up in being jealous of the French guy. Someone sabotages the New Zealand car and Chris and Tom finally kiss - for real, this time. Hurtle's niece Emma shows up in town ...

(1.08) Sins of the Fathers

1.08 Sins of the Fathers by Peter Pinney

Summary: Violet's organising a fancy dress party. A woman with airs shows up at a clinic with her pregnant niece, but something seems fishy. As it turns out, the pregnant young woman isn't a niece at all, but a woman who has got paid to be a surrogate mother to a childless couple. The would-be father actually did the deed himself, rather than insemanating her. They didn't go for an adoption because "people would talk". In Coopers Crossing, a mum with a whole horde of unruly children has come to give birth to yet another one, and the townsfolk have to look after the five kids she's brought with her. When babysitting, Ron shows them his own special crackers, and in a bid to save the youngest child from getting blown up by one, he throws himself over the home-made bomb as it explodes, rendering him unconscious and badly injured. After giving birth, the surrogate mum decides to take the baby and run, but eventually is persuaded to see reason and hand the baby over to his father. The fancy dress party goes ahead like planned, and everyone says good-bye to Ron, who is flown to Sydney for special treatment.

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